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GB-1114183-A: Improvements in or relating to battery cable connectors patent, GB-1115660-A: Improvements in automatic tracking systems for high frequency aerials patent, GB-1116568-A: Thermoplastic materials prepared from coal tar patent, GB-1116590-A: Process for the preparation of titanium dioxide pigment patent, GB-111681-A: Improvements in Carburetters for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-111717-A: Improvements in or relating to Irons for Toothing-planes. patent, GB-1118167-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of microporous chromium deposits patent, GB-1118293-A: Acyloin compounds patent, GB-1119143-A: Improvements in or relating to fluid dispensers patent, GB-1119275-A: Improvements in or relating to a new process for preparing 6,6-ethylene steroid compounds patent, GB-1119564-A: Improvements relating to clothes or dish washing machines patent, GB-1119898-A: Model to die reversal means and method patent, GB-1120146-A: Improvements in or relating to hair curlers patent, GB-112019-A: Improvements in Apparatus for the Concentration of Ores. patent, GB-1120519-A: Inspection hole closure assembly patent, GB-1121107-A: Apparatus for registering the positions of points on a line patent, GB-1121109-A: Improvements in or relating to preparation of epsilon-caprolactams patent, GB-1122562-A: Improvements relating to locking arrangements for safes patent, GB-1124127-A: A reciprocating electric motor patent, GB-1124250-A: Hydrazinium salts and their use as plant growth inhibitors patent, GB-1124273-A: Tyre belt of textile material patent, GB-1124324-A: Improvements in or relating to titanium-base alloys patent, GB-1125151-A: Correction balancing of rotating bodies patent, GB-1125886-A: Improvements in or relating to ingot moulds patent, GB-1126323-A: Improvements in or relating to high temperature gas cooled reactors patent, GB-1126399-A: Article for multiplicate marking patent, GB-1126641-A: Improvements in or relating to oil heating systems patent, GB-1127480-A: An electromagnetic disc brake patent, GB-1127777-A: Improvements in or relating to cyclic anhydrides patent, GB-1127926-A: Rolling mills patent, GB-1128154-A: Method of and apparatus for electric-spark deposition patent, GB-112852-A: Improvements in Loose Leaf Binders. patent, GB-1129341-A: Improvements in or relating to goods lifts on vehicles patent, GB-1129481-A: An apparatus for carrying out exothermic reactions patent, GB-1129871-A: Method of double beam spectrophotometry and device for carrying out said method patent, GB-1130741-A: Improvements in disc brakes patent, GB-1132129-A: Improved thorium oxide material patent, GB-1132361-A: Casting metals patent, GB-1132900-A: Improvements in turret lathes patent, GB-1133076-A: Improvements in or relating to adhesive compositions patent, GB-1134571-A: An electrical connector patent, GB-1134621-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of ammonia patent, GB-1134682-A: Improvements in or relating to derivatives of 6-aminopenicillanic acid patent, GB-113540-A: patent, GB-113593-A: patent, GB-1136450-A: Preparation of solid solutions of quinacridone derivatives patent, GB-1137206-A: Tooth cleaning and oral hygiene agents patent, GB-1137452-A: Improvements in or relating to steam power plants patent, GB-1137995-A: Polymer blends patent, GB-1138448-A: Improvements in or relating to tubular heat-transfer elements patent, GB-1138879-A: Improvements in packing members patent, GB-1139124-A: Toothed gearing patent, GB-1139549-A: Improvements in or relating to shirts patent, GB-1140454-A: Colour sorting of moving objects patent, GB-1140573-A: Improvements in or relating to servo-assisted hydraulic brake system patent, GB-1140971-A: Improvements in or relating to hydraulic steering devices patent, GB-1140986-A: New basic monoazo dyestuffs and processes for their manufacture patent, GB-1141505-A: Hair waving patent, GB-1141954-A: Improvements in or relating to the bows of ships patent, GB-1142018-A: Improvements in or relating to rotary printing machines patent, GB-1142204-A: Method of, and apparatus for, measuring the moisture content of sheet material patent, GB-1142854-A: Improvements relating to orbital welding apparatus patent, GB-114304-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Uninflammable Celluloid. patent, GB-1143092-A: Improvements relating to frequency dependent gating circuit arrangement patent, GB-1143404-A: Polymer dispersion patent, GB-1143575-A: patent, GB-1143627-A: patent, GB-1143915-A: Splitter device for high-frequency connections patent, GB-1144090-A: Method for producing metal fiber webs and product patent, GB-1144257-A: Hydrogenation of halogenated aromatic carbonyl compounds patent, GB-1144379-A: Method of developing two component diazotype compositions patent, GB-1144495-A: Improvements relating to the hydrogenation of benzene patent, GB-1144580-A: Chuck for a machine tool patent, GB-1144722-A: Improvements in or relating to dough mixing apparatus patent, GB-1144761-A: Thiol containing polyether and process for the preparation thereof patent, GB-1144831-A: Arrangement for synchronizing a communication link patent, GB-1146796-A: An improved clip patent, GB-1147231-A: High-frequency push-pull amplifier circuit patent, GB-1147276-A: Mounting vehicle windows patent, GB-1147677-A: Coated leather patent, GB-1149426-A: Improvements relating to mass spectrometry patent, GB-1149893-A: Fluid control valves patent, GB-115021-A: Improvements relating to Machine Guns. patent, GB-1150400-A: Improvements relating to Anti-Reversing Devices for Engines patent, GB-1150843-A: Remote Control Devices for Transparency Projectors patent, GB-1151079-A: Improvements in or relating to Guns for the Electrostatic Spray Coating of Objects with a Powder. patent, GB-115131-A: patent, GB-1152344-A: Injection Moulding Machine patent, GB-1152534-A: Process for the Manufacture of Chlorophosphines patent, GB-1152599-A: Improvements in or relating to Method of and Apparatus for Making Filament Wound Articles. patent, GB-1153350-A: Unloading Mechanism for a Storage Structure. patent, GB-1154368-A: Apparatus for Sampling and Measuring Physical Characteristics of Biscuits and the like patent, GB-115488-A: Improvements in the Construction of Ships to render them Unsinkable. patent, GB-1155944-A: Improvements to Display Turntables patent, GB-1156013-A: Improvements relating to Refrigerating Apparatus. patent, GB-1156362-A: Girdle patent, GB-1156797-A: A Signalling System for Motor Vehicles. patent, GB-1157414-A: Improvements in or relating to Control Systems of Vehicles Hydraulically Driven from a Variable-output Pump patent, GB-1158108-A: Improvements in or relating to Transistor Amplifier Circuits patent, GB-1158230-A: Auto-Changer. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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